Strong Features

Wallet Features

We at Strong Leather Company are proud to present our latest catalog of handcrafted badge cases, wallets, gear bags and holsters. Whether you're purchasing our USA made products or an item from our economical, imported Centurion line, both are designed with the same attention to detail, and constructed using only the finest genuine leather to ensure years of use. All of our recessed badge cases and wallets have been engineered to provide maximum protection for your badge or ID. The badge insert is removable for fast easy mounting, and includes two holes, which enables the badge to be worn around the neck when a chain is added. Our products, both classic or contemporary, are designed to meet the critical demands of today's law enforcement community.

Duty and Dress Cases

Strong manufactures both Duty and Dress cases to meet your needs. Duty cases are made from heavy-duty police grade genuine leather with English cut edges (layered edge) and framed windows. Dress cases are made from a supple genuine leather with French turned edges (leather is turned over the outside edge) and a moire lining for a more formal appearance. The windows are either framed like a picture or sewn-in bound windows that show more of your ID.

Custom Badge Cutouts

For customizing your case or wallet, nobody comes close to Strong. Over 2000 badge shape cutouts are currently available - far more than any other company. Strong can precisely die cut for your particular badge.

Custom Imprinting

Strong will further customize your case with imprinting or debossing with a minimum order of twelve cases. Also, custom seal imprinting will be quoted upon request.

Custom Emblems or Seals

We can make custom color metal seals.The seal can be recessed in the case. Call for custom quote.

Round Corner

We have rounded the corners on some of our imported products. It makes it easier to put the case/wallet into your pocket, as badge cases/wallets are usually wider than your personal wallet. It will also prevent the corners from curling when in your pocket and reduce the chance of wearing a hole in your pants.

Slide Thru Window (STW)

If your double ID’s are attached to a commission book we have designed an easy method to put them in a case. Just slide them through the slit in the left window.

Smart Card Window

Available on cases with double ID’s.Keeps your Access/Smart Card easily available to show.

Leather Options

Universal Badge Cutouts

The cutouts below can be used with any recessed badge case or wallet depending upon the maximum width that is accepted by the product. The width of the universal cutout is indicated next to the cutout number.

Shapes picture below